Monday, August 3, 2009


Okay.. so I really gotta work on this whole blogging thing but come on.. 3 kids.. Give me a break! LOL. I know, excuses, excuses..

Okay so here's an update on the children:
Rudy will be 4 on August 11th! Soo big!
Rudy- Starts full day pre-school tomorrow!! Ahh!! I decided to put him in full day pre-school for a few reasons.. 1.) He has ALOT of energy and really needs a place to get it out! 2.) He was developmentally delayed for a while and an educational environment would be great for him. 3.) He sits at home with me all day and just helps me take care of his sisters.. I just don't want him to have to do that anymore.
Hannah and Harley will be 1 year old August 18th! Ahh!! They are 11 months now :)
Hannah- She is now standing up pretty decent (1.5 mins earlier). She crawls waay too quick for me. She loves eating her Toddler meals from Gerber and will definately tell you No when she's done by closing up her lips tight and looking the other way.. She feeds herself, but when I try its not acceptable haha. She loves to play indian (I know, I coulda phrased that better) but she puts her hand to her mouth and goes AHH while hitting her lips.. She's doing pretty good!
Harley- She is now running! Oh lord! She loves to go outside and hates to be away from her momma.. She tells you when she doesnt want you to do something by going Eh! She just learned how to clap and loves to feed herself her Toddler meals too! She just makes a bit of a bigger mess though LOL.. She refuses to crawl and can now stand up without using anything, not even hands!

Anyways, I found this picture.. It looks just like Harley, but its Nick! Crazy.. huh?
Smith family.. We are all getting ready for the big move back to housing.. We put our house on military by owner and are getting slammed with phone calls. We redid our whole backyard with gravel, red mulch, and a beautiful lion water fountain (which I hope is still there in the morning lol). Movers come August 13th to move us out WOOHOO!! Next week! Im still in school three days a week and in an online class. I have Ethics on Wed., Lifespan online, and then Tuesday and Thursday is my weight management which I have totally become burnt out on and will not be going back next time :( It's just waaay too much for me to do and raise kids all day, and try and have a happy sane life. Luckily, the class is over the same day we move in.. SO hopefully some of that stress will go away with the move. Anyways, Nick is doing good too! He has a minor surgery thingy tomorrow to check out his belly and see whats been bothering him. Then after that we are going to the Boat Picnic. Then here to clean and then Im off to Zumba!!

Thats us, I will write again in a few days! :)

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